The boys

Bud Hole

Born in a ramshackle shed in the Ozarks, Bud Hole has risen from assistant tenement roofer to acclaimed
frontman of an international Gravel-Billy sensation.

Dr. Buck Knife

Found in a dumpster in Memphis and raised by Irish 'travelers', Doc left his busy gynecology practice to play
mandolin and jaw harp with a gang of horse thieves and rapscallions.

Buzzy Do-Well

Born in a manger in Bethlehem, Iowa, Buzzy is 'saving' The Gravel Spreaders one shot at a time.

Uncle Mungar

Raised by wolves in the outback of the Yukon wilderness, Uncle Mungar is a shape shifter who occasionally
shifts into the form of a guitar player for the Gravel-Billy sensation known as The Gravel Spreaders.